About Tahara

Dianne’s journey in breeding suri alpacas commenced in 1993 with the purchase of a number of wethers closely followed by a stud male and three suri females. At that time, being based in NSW there were very few suris available for purchase, so you took what you could get.

Originally Senator and ILR Pperuvian Amador were the predominant genetics used.  They were followed by a number of imported Surilana males with Surilana Icalon having the most impact on Dianne’s breeding program.

In order to expand her knowledge of alpacas she travelled to Peru on two occasions. The first in 1996 to learn more about alpacas and the other was in 2004 to attend, and successfully complete a judging course at the International Alpaca Judging School, conducted by Dr. Julio Sumar and Maggie Krieger. After that time the herd was moved to Victoria.


Having gone from a herd of over 100 alpacas down to approximately 35 and no longer having a property on which to run them, Tahara Suris is now based at Baarrooka Alpacas in the Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria. Over the years Dianne has concentrated on improving the quality of her females by carefully selecting the genetics used.

This paid dividends in 2003, when Tahara Illumini, an ILR Pperuvian Amador son, was awarded National Supreme Champion Suri at the National Show of that year.

He was then sold at the National Sale to Traron Alpacas. Tahara Perlitta was also awarded Champion Intermediate female in that same year. Since then Tahara Zahira, an Icalon daughter, who  was awarded National Champion Junior Suri Female in 2005 and National Champion Adult Female in 2006 went on to produce Tahara Zabar ET and Tahara Zamir both of whom have been broad ribbon winners. Surilana are joint owners of Zahira.

experimental Fuji S1000 012

For three years in  a row Tahara Zabar ET and Tahara Alkumi were awarded VCR Suri Alpaca of the year with Alkumi having been awarded the title two years in a row. Tahara now has an excellent group of stud males available.